Thursday, April 9, 2009

For Whom Do We Pray

Dear Editor,

First of all, thank you providing such an excellent daily on line new source so defenders of America like myself can stay informed on how we can do our part in preserving our country from those who daily act to destroy us.

I recently heard all the hub bub about the new current muslim occupant of the White House, (or the c.m. o.w.h.) planning releasing another terrorist from "Gitmo" within our borders and that somewhere in the 'stimulus" package, those democrats are calling for one million middle easterners to also relocate inside America, land sakes? and this after hearing of a bill in Congress by a FL Rep named Alcee Hastings calling for 165 million $$ to construct new "relocation camps" that he says are needed in time of federal emergency also within our borders ... and that that c.m.o.w.h. has further stated the need for 5 million young people to serve in an organization that he said would be equal to a branch of our armed forces ...and that this new administraion is targeting politically active religious conservatives as enemy combatants!

My question therefore Mr Editor is: as a born again, patriotic; conservative, gun owning member of America's Independent Party (formed by Dr Alan Keyes), do you think these mullahs and zullah's and what not would consider an old geezer like me an enemy combatant? If so, my follow up question is how then do I pray for what I am starting to refer to as the "hamas" or 'homie" land security fellas?

Matt Dentino

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